Have you ever noticed that when you turn on the News on your t.v., you are bombarded with sad, scary, horrid stories from the newscaster?  Or how about those people you know who are so negative and every time you hear them speak it dampens your mood?  Often times, we come across very negative people, who can suck the energy out of us.  We get enough BAD news and FEARFUL messages, we need positivity, & hope.  What good does it do to spread messages of FEAR & SADNESS?    Words to Live By apparel aims to spread the message of HOPE & HAPPINESS to everyone!  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we are here to spread to love, compassion, hope, and positive messages to those who need it.  And EVERYONE needs it.  We all need a positive outlook and positive purpose to our lives.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, full of love, laughter, smiles, good times, and here at Words to Live By apparel, we want to spread the positive messages.  What a better way to spread the message than to wear it out everyday on your favorite tee, so everyone can benefit. Words To Live By Apparel contributes to a higher purpose, with designs that inspire and uplift.  We donate funds and contribute to the community.  We give back.  We give you a shirt, your shirt gives someone a smile and hope, and that hope and those smiles make the world a better place. We give to charities that make LIFE better.  If you want to help spread POSITIVE MESSAGES everyday, & be part of the Positivity Movement, our shirts are for you!  Last but not least, our tees are super cool & look awesome!  Join us!  Let's spread the words.   Much love, W2LB <3